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One Green Open Squiggle2013 March 12Barry SchlesE&S Library, Annales de Physique, Série 11, 3-4, 1935
Two Red Solid Squiggle2011 July 13AnonymousWeH 6403, former physics lounge balun (network) outlet
Two Red Striped Diamond2009 April 8Collin KingHunt: American Banker 1988 Yearbook
One Red Striped Oval2008 April 13Crystal M. Lee (MFA'10, Theatrical Lighting Design)Hunt: Jean Plaidy's The Spanish Inquisition
Two Red Open Diamond2008 April 9Anonymous electricianDoherty 2nd basement cable tray
One Green Solid Oval2006 May 17Anonymous (6)Hunt: Annales des Ponts et Chaussées, 1832
Two Green Open Oval2006 May 17Circulation StaffHunt: Edward Quinn's Stars, Stars, Stars..., via book return
Three Purple Solid Squiggle2004 October 27Christopher BrustHunt: Peter Castine's Set Theory Objects
Two Purple Solid Oval2004 October 24Anonymous (5)Hunt: J.S. Bach's Kunst der Fugue (BWV 1080)
Three Purple Open Diamond2004 September 13Emmanuel LeclercqE&S Library, J-L. Krivine's Introduction to Axiomatic Set Theory
Three Green Striped Squiggle2004 May 13Rebecca LambertWean 7500, projector booth opening
Two Green Solid Oval2004 March 9Timm MasonE&S Library, Ph.D. thesis of Thomas Anderson Standish III, 24 May 1967
One Purple Open Oval2003 June 26Al Strittmatter Jr.Hamerschlag Hall B/C level half-height closet
Three Purple Oval Striped2003 May 15Michael German and
Christine Moeller
In concrete above Doherty 2nd floor door to Wean
Three Green Striped Oval2002 December 9Anonymous (4)Hamerschlag window ledge above A/B level stairway
Two Purple Open Diamond2002 August 5Matthew Kaufman and
Sophia Berman
CFA 2nd floor under table
Three Red Open Oval2002 July 26Anonymous (3)Baker Hall ledge above lobby
One Purple Solid Oval2002 July 18J - The Finance GeekWean Hall southwest stairway 9th floor ledge
One Red Open Diamond2002 May 16Anonymous (2)CFA practice room 172 piano bench
Three Purple Solid Oval2002 May 16Anonymous (1)West Wing 1st floor hallway ledge